So as I lay here in my bed in my KOA Kabin with slightly lesser stomach pains. I have to reflect on what may be causing the pain I have been having.  I know everything is connected especially when it comes to health. So here is what I have and please let me know what your thoughts are I welcome your insite. 

So I have been traveling a lot as of late. Because of that I can’t say I have been eating as healthy as I should. So bad mark number one fast food is killing me.  I know I need to find better things to eat but it’s hard when away from home. Also I am about 45 to 50 pounds over weight. I know this isn’t good. And eating out all the time isn’t helping that ratio at all I’m sure it has added a couple of pounds to that issue.  

So here is what I think I should do. Correct me if I am wrong in my thinking. 

  • Stop with the sodas  – check I am only water as of two days ago. 
  • Consumption control 
  • Exercise more even if it’s just walking 
  • Don’t be lazy

That is what I have so far 

It’s funny a coue of years ago I was running 5 miles a day or cycling 25 miles a day. Then I messe up my knees and got out of the habit. 

So there you go. That is me and my some what plan. Now you health gurus out there it’s your time to distroy me and make me better.  I away your replies.  To make things better if you think you can help fix me I can give you props on my YouTube channel and on here to help you grow your business was or just to give you credit . If that is what you want. Let me know. 


Life goes on!


So for the past few months we have had tons of happenings.  I have bee traveling like crazy for work as I type this I am currently in Colorado working. And yes film for my YouTube channels.  No I haven’t posted to the Youngblood American Dream YouTube chann as often as I want but it’s hard when I am gone so much.  But I post as often as I can.  If you have t seen or heard out youngest had his tonsils out that. Keep is up on the. Banned pretty funny when they gave him a relaxant . But I have to say I as a  nervous wreck when they took him back. But Shannon it didn’t even faze her.  That is another reason I love that woman. She is strong when I’m not. 

      He wasn’t very happy about going to the hospital for the procedure but he is all good and back to normal now. 

Shannon is back to her old self again I say this because she is back to doing what she loves.  Taking photos of families. When we moved to salt lake she left her some 1000 clients back there.  But she is expanding and growing her clients here .     

I have to say she is very good at what she does. As out oldest said the the other day. “We have two great photographers  in the family mom who is great with people and dad who can take some fantastic nature shots”  I have to say I do pretty good with at least one person  


Don’t you think?  Well I am kind of partial. 

While I am away from home Shannon is busier than ever taking the kids to all their activities and keeping everything  running.  While I lay here in my bed after midnight because I never do well being away. I have to say I never really rest well till I am home with my wonderful family. 


While I was out of town th last time shannonsent and had her hair did  yes I said did. I think it looks great. 

Since we can’t have any cats or dogs where we live. Jacob got him a bearded dragon for a pet. But to be honest I think Shannon likes him more than Jacob.  


I do have to say he is kind of cool. And I done get sick from him like I do with hairy lets. 

So yes life goes on we are moving forward living and loving life like always.  


Bluntness but not over bearing

I have thought about this post for a several weeks now, not knowing if I should write it or not. 

I have decided that it never hurts. Yes I may be blunt and although the title says not over bearing that is one thing I may be. 

As many of you know , especially if you follow this blog and my families YouTube channel. My wife and I have been married for 14 years. And also that I love her and our children more than you can imagine.  My wife is by far one of the strongest individuals I have ever met.  If you didn’t know I currently travel for my job. It’s not that there isnt any jobs in salt lake because there are an abundance of jobs there, but all of them pay $10 an hour, yes 10 an hour. Like I have always said you get what you pay for. But I’m not one of those that will settle for  $10 an hour. My current position isn’t  the most ideal situations but it keeps the bills paid and food on the table. I miss my family dearly and I know they miss me too. I have been in this business for over 16 years now, with many of those where I didn’t have to travel as much.  The point of this is that  life is hard. It doesn’t get easier but we can choose how we handle the situations that we are given.  

My wife and I have learned to deal with most any situation that comes our way. I was asked once how we do it.  My reply is always the same I married the right woman. Although that may be true. There is more to it than that. 

Shannon and I have had our arguments we have had our fights. Shannon has told me to go to Hell before.  To which I replied why I already live with satans sister. I know that was a little mean. But the point is we know how to deal with other. And yes we are still married. 

It is my opinion that the hardest part of marriage is learning to be happy. Yes both together and by yourself.  I have always said that happiness is a choice. And one that at times may be hard to achieve. But to truly be happy you have to have trust. No not just in your spouse but you have to trust yourself. 

Trusting yourself may be one of the hardest things you do. You have to be confident in your decisions. And where they may lead.  

Another thing that I feel makes our marriage work is that we don’t take each other to serious . We know when to be and when we are kidding. Life is to short to be worried if your spouse loves you or not. Especially when you know. 

So how do you know well you are the only one that knows that. With Shannon and I it’s the diddle things that tell me. It isn’t the huge public displays that prove it to me. It’s the quiet little things. I don’t have to scream it from the tops of the mountains for her to know I love her. I know she loves me by the small things like putting clean clothes in the bathroom waiting for me when I get home from a long trip. The way she although she may be very tired but stays out in the living room late at night even if it’s just to fall asleep beside me while I watch tv. It’s the bluntness of the way she tells me I have made irritated her and the way I tell her. If you can’t be blunt in a marriage then who can you be blunt with. It is you and her working together making decisions together. And trusting each other that everything will be done the right way. 

Love doesn’t take much to show or prove. You should have to look for the things that prove it. It is something you know. And of course it changes over time. I love Shannon differently than I did when I first got married. But in a better way.  Change is good as long as you keep it in your pants except when it comes to your spouse then it is ok. So trust your spouse if you do that it all works out. But don’t be afraid to say what you need to say and how you feel.

Be blunt but not over bearing. 

Worthless generations

I saw a meme the other day that Said: I would like to Apologize to anyone I have not off emended yet. Please be patient. I will get to you shortly.   

I say and post this because apparently I offend people often. 

You may already be offended at the title. If this is the case move on because if that offends you the the rest may even make you cry.  Just kidding you may not cry. 

So what does this have to do with a worthless generation. Well I have always said that my generation and younger are completely worthless. Yes I said completely worthless. 


Yes that also includes my generation I am 37 years old and many of the people my age fit into this realm of existence. I know this is a blanket statement and there are some exceptions. 

Let me give you a couple of examples.  I was talking someone the other day that is about music and jokingi said the music these days really sucks and there hasent been any good music made in many years. His response was do you really think that. I replied in a sarcastic tone, you know it, now pull up your paints.  After that he was hurt and didn’t talk to me for a while till I asked him what was wrong. To which he replied ” I am very irritated with you right now” I asked ok what did u do. He then responded by saying ” I really don’t appreciate you objectivefing my generations music”  I responded by ” I guess you didn’t understand my sarcasm so I apologize.   

Now I apologized but I have to say I became irritated for the fact that I had to apologize at all. And in reality maybe instead of apologizing to him I should just apologize to his entire generation. Because in fact it was his generation I was apparently insulting.  

So here I am saying what a load of crap. This is what I’m talk about this one example speaks volumes. Of just one generation.  And there are several I am lumping into one. 

I know I’m a huge jerk. But guess what get over yourself and maybe you may have a chance to become something. 

So example number 2. 

So the generations I am insulting because I’m a huge insensitive jerk they don’t have any manners. I am constantly seeing them hang up on people on the phone. When they don’t seem to be getting what they want or feel the conversation isn’t revolving around them. What happen to phone etiquette. Since when does a phone conversation have to revolve around just one person. 

Speaking of manners I am going to say what the?  to this one. 


So Shannon and I have hd to have a talk with a couple of people out in utah who have said our kids were being disrespectful to them. Which in my house just doesn’t fly.  So we were asked to meet and we were told that they were saying “yes sir”. “No sir”, “yes ma’am “, no ma’am ” . We both just chuckled and we had to explain  no that isn’t disrespect. It is what we call manners. And as long as they are our children they will continue to use their manners. 

Again what the? 

So I have to say my generation and younger are completely worthless. They all need to go get a job. Stop complaining move forward and grow up.  Life isn’t easy. When it gets hard don’t just fold up figure it out.

Yes as you can tell I had to do a little venting here but I dare some tell me I’m wrong.  

Ok one thing I may be wrong about and that the music part not all this generations music is crap there are like a hand full of artist that have talent but that about it. 

Ok thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy our blog! 

Traveling and missing my family


As I sit in the lordsburg New Mexico ward today missing my family. I noticed a small spec of glitter on my pants. I have become grateful for the small remnants Of my Little girls. Although they may not be … Continue reading

? First Kisses!

I know I haven’t posted that often. and for that i am sorry. We have been extremely busy lately. I realize that isn’t a good excuse.

But since i haven’t posted please check out what we have been working on.

This video is one of those that we have had in out back pockets for a while. Please feel free to let us know what you think.

we hope everyone is doing well.

Love you guys tons,

The Youngbloods!!!!


New Family opportunities!

So as you know we have been posting to this Blog for sometime now, we have also have been filming (if filming is what it is called these days since you don’t use film anymore) and posting to with the growth of media and the internet we have had the opportunity to be able to partner with Daily motion and now have a Summit and Vine Channel with them also. With this we have been able to grow our fan base which is kind of cool. Both Monetarily and Family fun. one day we may even be able to do this as a full time job. Wouldn’t that bee cool! So if you would like go check us out on our page like us there and watch us. Not only will you find Out Youngblood american dream Show but you will find the Nightly Nooner Show which is kind of a late night show that you can watch when ever you want.

On thee Nightly Nooner You will be able to see ¬†segments like Lickin Landmarks, Yes we got that from “how I met your mother”

But we are planning on making it nation wide and licking all the landmarks that we possibly can. another one called Jay walkin,  we will also have our take on the dating game, and then last but not least on Friday you can join us on the couch as we discuss some on the mondain things in life.

please feel free to give us your feed back as we want this to be a great show

As always we love you guys and thank you for watching and reading out blog,

The Youngblood